Junk Office – Clément Thiry & Chloé Schuiten

Junk Office
Laboratory for a new lifestyle

Clément Thiry & Chloé Schuiten
15.12.2018 – 27.01.2019
Greylight Projects
Rue Brialmont 11 
1210 Sint Joost ten Node / Brussels 

“We love to experiment with new and alternative lifestyles, to extract ourselves from the world and rethink it while sleeping on it. We met in February 2015 at an experimental carnival. Since then we have been meeting on a regular basis to fulfill our need for life experiences. We turn everything upside down in order to set ourselves apart from everyday life and observe society from a distance. We tackle the three most fundamental aspects of everyday life : to eat, sleep and work. Our dynamic duo allows us to rapidly project ourselves into delirious fictions and to fully realize them.”

Under the aegis of the Wandering Arts Biennial, which combines a series of events highlighting art forms related to nomadism, Greylight Project welcomed Chloé Schuiten and Clément Thiry.

Working together since 2015, they stopped wandering and experimenting with their “Laboratory for alternative living” to reflect on the meaning of the actions and forms they have produced together: a collection of objects, drawings, photographs, documents, etc.

The two artists are here exhibiting some of their past actions: experimentation capsules in different spaces and times, which question the notions of productivism, energy management, and the relationship to time, food and sleep.


Chloé Schuiten

Greylight Projects



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