Fruhlingsstimmen – João Freitas

Chapelle de Boondael
Square du Vieux Tilleul 10 - 1050 Ixelles


João Freitas
22.03 – 07.04.2019
Chapel of Boondael
Square du Vieux Tilleul 10 – 1050 Ixelles
Opening Thursday March 21st, 6-9pm.
Open from Thursday until Sunday, 2-6 pm.

The chapel of Boondael and LaSpore are pleased to announce the first personal exhibition in Belgium of João Freitas (ºdate of birth, place of birth), from March 22nd to April 7th, 2019.

Scratch, erase, clean, remove; the work of Joao Freitas tries to make disappear to reveal the invisible. On newspaper, abandoned materials, found in DIY stores, construction sites. The epiphany of the unfathomable, uncovered.

He lets the matter speak and reveals it in his intimacy, like those handkerchiefs that he mechanically removes from their box and whose shape matches the contours of the void and the breath caused by the movement, or those bags of construction cloths he disembowel, freeing them from their binding physical envelope so that they hatch in forms always uncontrolled. Stopping the tears, wiping the sweat, body reliquaries of a moment of tension of the body, the works of Joao Freitas release an intrinsically mystical aura, catharsis of an appointment with the memory of the images and the forms.

In the form of a laboratory-installation exhibiting recent and older works, the body of work specifically conceived and set aside for the venue will include a video, as well as sculptures, drawings and textile works.

On the occasion of this exhibition, LaSpore publishes the first monograph of the artist, which will be available on site.

Curator: Maud Salembier (LaSpore)

contacts : / 025156463 / +32 489 550 010

Exhibition monography

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